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Counter Ordering Restaurant Optimization Strategy


Let’s explore strategies for optimizing the counter ordering restaurant. Recently, there has been a trend where many restaurants and customers prefer the counter ordering method. The reason is that it eliminates the need for servers, reduces the burden of tipping, and allows for quick and convenient dining experiences. However, many restaurants still operate inconvenient counter ordering systems, leading to unnecessary hassle.

To address this, we can leverage the latest technology and convenience provided by POS (Point of Sale) systems to optimize the counter ordering process.

  1. Selecting the Best POS System:
    First and foremost, it’s crucial to adopt a POS system that offers functionalities like Clover, Lightspeed, Square, Upserve, ShopKeep, or Toast. These systems provide various features to efficiently manage the counter ordering process.
  2. Implementing an Online Ordering System:
    Customers prefer online ordering. Implementing an online ordering system saves time, offers convenience, and allows for prepayment. Provide options for pickup, delivery, or on-site orders to expand customer choices. This reduces the inconvenience of phone orders and eliminates the need for queuing at the counter during busy hours.
  3. Integrating Commission-Free Delivery Services:
    Utilize delivery services like Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, partnered with POS companies, to offer commission-free delivery. Customers or restaurant owners only need to pay delivery fees, allowing restaurants to maintain menu prices and making the service more preferable to customers.
  4. Utilizing QR Codes:
    Place QR codes for online ordering at tables or suitable locations. Customers can easily order and pay using their smart phones without waiting in line at the counter. Automatic text message notifications upon food preparation completion eliminate the need for additional devices or calling out customers’ names.
  5. Installing Self-Ordering Kiosks:
    Install self-ordering kiosks using POS devices or tablets near the counter or in appropriate areas. Customers can directly place orders and make payments without queuing at the counter, and receive automatic text message notifications.
  6. Advantages of Self-Ordering Systems:
    Expect benefits such as labor cost savings, improved table turnover rates, enhanced customer convenience, accurate pricing display, and additional cost savings. Adapting to the trend of modern young generations can elevate customer satisfaction and make the restaurant more popular.
  7. Additional Considerations:
    Consider the need for Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) or additional order printers for automation. Actively promote online and self-ordering systems to increase customer awareness and usage. Encourage customer feedback and reviews to enhance the restaurant’s credibility.


Building a self-ordering system with the latest technology and convenience is a key strategy for the success of modern restaurants. Refer to the strategies mentioned above to establish an optimal system tailored to your restaurant, enhancing competitiveness and operational efficiency.

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