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Online Marketing Consulting for a Korean Restaurant

A Korean-style fried chicken pub located in Austin, Texas. They operate a full bar with refreshing and cool beverages such as beer, soju, cocktails, and showcase fusion Korean cuisine. They strive to maintain the quality and taste of K-Food.

The ultimate goal is to enhance online presence, gain widespread recognition, attract more customers, and provide them with an excellent K-Food experience.

  • Website: The website is simply structured with information about the pub, menu, online ordering link, location map, business hours, and contact details. It would benefit from more visual content, such as impressive photos or videos of signature dishes and the ambiance of the pub. Blog postings, pub promotions, sharing information with customers, and contributing to search engine rankings are essential. Social media links are not correctly connected.
  • Social Media: There are Facebook and Instagram pages that are actively managed. The Facebook page has 8 likes and 11 followers, while the Instagram page has 137 posts and 1,273 followers.
  • Email Marketing: Not sure if email marketing is currently being conducted.
  • Content Marketing: In addition to postings on Google/Yelp and social media, ongoing updates of promotional content, including a blog, on the website and other websites are crucial. This will help position the restaurant at the top of search engines, maps, and other platforms to reach a broader audience.
social media marketing
  • Keyword Exposure: Showing on high in keyword searches
  • Listing Claimed: Claimed
  • Business Category: Korean restaurant
  • Profile Photo: Outside entrance view
  • Reviews: 4.4 (319)
  • Review Replies: Currently only respond to reviews very occasionally
  • Photos: 266
  • About Attributes: Yes
  • Orders links: Storefront, Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash and Shift
  • Business Description: None
  • Address: Yes
  • Open Hours: Yes
  • Menu: Yes
  • Website: Yes
  • Phone Number: Yes
  • Posts: None
  • Q&A: Not Answered
  • Ads: None
  • Keyword Exposure: Showing on high in keyword searches
  • Listing Claimed: Claimed
  • Business Category: Chicken Wings, Korean, Karaoke
  • Profile Photo: Bar and chicken wings photos
  • Reviews: 4.3 (169)
  • Review Replies: None
  • Photos: 321
  • About Attributes: Yes
  • Orders links: None
  • Business Description: Yes
  • Address: Yes
  • Open Hours: Yes
  • Menu: Yes, but some prices on the full menu are incorrect.
  • Website: Yes
  • Phone Number: Yes
  • Posts: None
  • Q&A: None
  • Ads: None
  • Website Optimization: K-FOOD and the pub atmosphere would benefit from adding impressive visuals such as photos or videos showcasing signature dishes and the ambiance. Create a blog page linked to Google/Yelp and update it regularly. Implement an SEO strategy to enhance search engine visibility and modify social media links. To improve search engine ranking, include business keywords and related information in the website content.
  • Google/Yelp Management: Optimize the profiles registered on Google and Yelp business listings. Increase the number of reviews and actively respond to reviews to strengthen trust with current and potential customers, enhancing brand value. Utilize QR codes, emails, discount promotions, review funnels, etc., to boost review participation and generate positive reviews. Keep the menu updated and regularly post business updates to increase online visibility.
  • Social Media Marketing: Develop a content calendar for consistent posting across key social media platforms. Initiate targeted campaigns to boost follower engagement and attract more potential customers. Increase posting frequency and actively diversify content to capture attention effectively.
  • Email Marketing: Secure as much email and information as possible from existing and potential customers. Automate information collection when online orders are placed. Check information provided by services like DoorDash. Open email registration at the website and the restaurant. Regularly send new menu items, promotions, events, birthday wishes, blog updates, etc., to maintain relationships with customers and encourage repeat visits.
  • Content Marketing: Build a blog page on the website and other websites and regularly post new information and promotions, integrating with Google/Yelp and social media for increased search engine visibility and brand awareness.

Implement recommended strategies in stages, focusing on the highest priority areas first. Regularly monitor and analyze performance metrics to make data-driven adjustments. Provide ongoing consultation and support to ensure the continued success of your online marketing efforts.

  1. Google/Yelp Management
  2. Website Optimization
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Paid Advertising

This summary presents a comprehensive strategy to enhance sales, increase awareness, and generate meaningful results for the restaurant. If you have any questions or wish to start the service, please contact us immediately.


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